Global Emporium was organized with the formation of a consortium of a number of individual practitioners, small and corporate businesses.

Consulting Services

Global Emporium was created through the formation of a consortium of a number of individual practitioners, small businesses, and large companies. Each of our business practitioners brings years of providing quality consulting services to a significant client base. Combining these strengths under one umbrella organization enables Global Emporium to better serve the needs of our clients.

The consortium’s objective is to provide dynamic, creative, and effective consulting services to our clients. We assign staff members to every client that strongly possess the qualifications essential for the successful completion and implementation of each of our engagements.

Our group of consultants is unique. We differ from other consulting groups in that each of us is an independent entrepreneur, yet we all share a common goal – a passion to deliver practical, effective, efficient, creative, quality consultative services in a variety of disciplines. Each of us shares our perspective, understanding, and disciplinary expertise with our colleagues, and thus we can draw upon years of practical experience to ensure that our clients receive the highest quality assistance and advice in making long-lasting improvements in their organizations. Global Emporium brings exceptional attributes to each consulting engagement: extensive knowledge, integrity, specific expertise, insight, the capacity to excel, and a true understanding of the meaning of teamwork. With these attributes, we are committed to meet any challenge in achieving results and client satisfaction.